Clicking through the website you can get an idea of what your first appointment will look like. For your second appointment I present a treatment plan to you. I am required to lay out the best option of treatment and I do this by following the most recent research on your condition. For instance, “acute mechanical low back pain” on average takes 20 visits to the office. Many factors go into this average and these obviously vary from person to person. Remember, it’s an average, treatment may take less visits, or more visits. When there is no solid research, as providers we give our best estimate based on previous experience with similar cases. The techniques used are always up for discussion. Whether it’s manual manipulation, the clicky thumper thing, dry needling, etc… Or maybe you’re not wanting an adjustment/manipulation at all, that’s cool too, let’s get to work on some rehab exercises.

Bottom line when it comes to treatment, it is entirely your choice! I provide the roadmap to guide you to a pain free life and a better moving body, from there it’s up to you. We do what I say, we do what you say, or we do some variation in between. As long as we acknowledge from the beginning that there are no shortcuts and I am not a magician! I’d love to fix problems in one appointment, but most often, that’s not the case.

Schedule your appointment today and let’s see where your journey takes you!

Yacey Young

Yacey Young


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