Too many people in Lawrence are frustrated by constant pain keeping them from enjoying the activities they love.

Young Spine & Joint can help you reduce the aches and pains of daily activities, avoid surgeries with conservative treatment, and be able to perform the sports you love with no adverse effects. 

When do you need to see a chiropractor?

What will a chiropractor do?

Say Goodbye To Pain By Accepting The Care You Deserve

Here Are The Benefits of Chiropractic Care:
Customized Treatment Plans
You'll feel better, faster with no long term commitment.
You Are The Pilot
You'll be in control of your own treatment each step of the way.
Get Moving Again
Decrease pain and tightness, get rid of stiffness, and feel awesome again.

Let's Take You From Frustration To Freedom

Some of the services Dr. Young offers include:

  • Traditional manual manipulation
  • Gentler adjusting techniques
  • Movement assessments
  • Dry Needling
  • Corrective exercises
  • Soft tissue work
  • Kineso tapping

All these services can help you gain your life back!

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Dr. Young Understands The Frustration When Pain Puts You On The Side Lines Of Life

Dr. Yacey Young is a native of Great Bend, KS. She is certifed in Dry Needling, FTCA, ACA, and TPI Medical 3 (Titleist Performance Institute), and she knows the anguish of the body aging, getting out of shape, and getting back into shape. She also knows the limitations and dark cloud that hangs over chronic pain sufferers. Let her guide you on your journey to feeling better and moving better.

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Certifications And Credentials

Dr. Young Always Ensures She Is Studying At The Highest Levels To Provide The Best Care For Her Patients
McKenzie Method

McKenzie Method

Titleist Performance Institute

Titleist Performance Institute


Swing Analysis

"I started seeing Dr. Young for help with back and neck pain.

I played contact sports in college and have had some ongoing issues for several years. Dr. Young not only offered me relief from my pain with adjustments and soft tissue work, but provided me with exercises and stretches to help work towards healing myself. I was skeptical at first, as previous chiropractors seemed more interested in "cracking" me 3 times a week than helping me heal. Dr. Young wants her patients to be pain free and healthy. She tells me "I want to see you less, not more!" Dr. Young is a great clinician and I look forward to working with her more in the future!"

– Tristan

"A handful of dry needling sessions got my pain manageable"

"I went to Dr. Young expecting manual chiropractic adjustments for severe pain in my glute and hamstring, but after a thorough evaluation she steered me in a different direction. The physical therapy plan she created for me combined with A handful of dry needling sessions got my pain manageable and then it disappeared completely. She was very thoughtful with her treatment plan and professional. She put me at ease with the needling (which I had never tried before) and the results were great. I highly recommend Dr. Young!"

– Laura

"This [is the first] chiro I've been to"

"Dr Young is very knowledgeable about the spine but also [other] joints. She uses a combination of treatments and [exercises] that support the condition. She is very up to date from her patient portal and appointment system to her videoing the initial conditions and then improvements. This [is the first] chiro I’ve been to and was extremely satisfied with all my appointments and my pain free outcome . THANK YOU Dr Young!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

– Mae

Don't Watch From The Sidelines, Let's Win Your Life Back

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Chronic Pain And Unnecessary Surgeries Can Lead To Depression And Opioid Addiction

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